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One thought on “El Machete: High Price

  1. Bangladesh workers make on average $37.00 a month. A month. In no way can that be adequate in 2012 under any circumstances, even if our money goes further there. So it’s no wonder walmart and other greedy corporations don’t care about fire safety or wages, They don’t care if these people are cooked to death, at 37.00 a month they are easily replaced. Walmart has things made in Bangladesh for the cheap exploitable labor and cheap conditions. The Walton family after all, at 98 billion, doesn’t make enough to pay their Americans workers to have full time jobs anymore or to be able to support themselves, they certainly can’t care about people in Bangladesh! The Walton family is worth more now then the bottom 40% of all Americans combined. Just six people! Walmart workers need courage and a backbone and unity and education, so that they can honestly walk out in great numbers and stop taking the abuse and exploitation. The American consumer needs to look behind the scenes at how goods arrive to them, how workers are mistreated, and how the earth and natural environment are being destroyed. -Robert P Francis. Occupy Activist / Author / Ex Walmart slave.

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