Welcome to Radius


The New Mexico Compass is pleased to present our new blog, Radius.

In the posts and conversations here we intend to explore the challenges of journalism. Radius is a place where we’ll talk about our experiences and thinking around public records, storytelling, open government, net neutrality and data presentation. We’ll also highlight the best in open-access journalism from around the web.

Among the questions we seek to examine:

“How does the public perceive journalism?”

“How can journalists evolve to improve the level of public trust in the press?”

“What does a more active, transparent and open-source flow of communication between the public and the press look like?”

In time, we hope to not only answer those questions, but also create a community that spurs conversations around what journalism can and should be. We’ll take a deeper, more constructive look at the role news plays in our daily lives.

Quick housekeeping:

Our comment policy is straightforward. You can find full details by clicking here, but in general we ask that people use respectful language and stay on topic. We reserve the right to delete, block, or otherwise moderate comments/users who violate these standards of decorum at any time.

You can expect a new post each Tuesday morning, and on Fridays we’ll publish a roundup with our thoughts on what’s happening around the web.

Lastly, a word about our funding: We’re beginning the process of raising money for the Compass and our parent organization, the nonprofit New Mexico Journalism Collaborative.

Startup ventures like ours are a new thing for journalism, particularly at the local and regional level where ownership interests and print and ad revenue have sometimes been at odds with coverage. Our editorial process and output on both the main site and on Radius maintain a strict firewall against outside influences, particularly from funding sources.

The Compass is committed to organizational transparency. Complete financial reports will be publicly accessible on our website.

We don’t have all the answers—like any blog, Radius is a work in progress that we’re committed to constantly improving. Our goal is to have a conversation that benefits everyone, including but not limited to journalists and media outlets, citizens, private business, public officials and policymakers.

And that’s it for now. We look forward to seeing you around.

  • pauleichhorn

    Welcome aboard!

    • http://twitter.com/joecardillo Joe Cardillo

      Thanks! Should be an interesting ride, to say the least.