Special Election FAQ


By Marisa Demarco

— Who can vote on the abortion issue?

Anyone who is registered to vote in the city of Albuquerque can cast their ballots for or against the proposed ordinance. Find out if you’re registered here.

What’s this abortion vote about?

The proposed ordinance would make it illegal within city limits for someone to perform a medical or chemical abortion if the fetus is estimated to be 20 weeks or older. Exceptions would be made if the abortion is required to save a pregnant woman’s life. Life-threatening conditions must be physical, not psychological or emotional. Read the full abortion measure.

Who can vote in the city councilor runoff election?

People who are registered to vote with a District 7 address can vote for their city councilor. District 7 is bordered on the north by Montgomery, on the south by Lomas, on the east by Eubank and on the west by either Carlisle or I-25. Those are rough estimates, so be sure to view the full district map.

Why is there a runoff election?

Neither Diane Gibson nor Janice Arnold-Jones got 50 percent of the vote during the municipal election in October. See the municipal election results.

What are the candidates’ stances?

Arnold-Jones says on her website that she will work to create and retain jobs; deal with D7’s traffic issues; prioritize public safety and preserve neighborhood culture.

Gibson is talking job creation and support for local businesses; public safety via more police officers, firefighters and equipment; and support for the minimum wage increase, among other things.

Is the City Council partisan?

Though candidates in these races don’t generally run under a Republican or Democrat banner, a partisan split often divides Council votes. For the last couple of years, the Council has been dominated by conservative politicians, and votes fell into a predictable pattern: 5 to 4 with right-leaning counselors in the lead. In this race, though it might not say so on your ballot, Gibson is a Democrat and Arnold-Jones is a Republican.

When and where can I vote?

Early voting has begun. Every weekday through Nov. 15, you can avoid lines and hassles by voting before Election Day. Between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., you can head to any of the early voting sites. There are 12 spots all around the city:


• City Clerk’s Office—604 Second Street NW

• Albuquerque Records Center—604 Menaul NW

• West Mesa Community Center—5500 Glenrio NW

• Venture Commerce—9674-3 Eagle Ranch NW

• Don Newton-Taylor Ranch Community Center—4900 Kachina NW

• Shops @98th and Central—120 98th Street A5 NW


• Glenwood Village Shopping Center Suite A1-A2—12611 Montgomery NE

• Daskalos Plaza—5339 Menaul NE

• North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center—7521 Carmel NE

• Montgomery Crossing Shopping Center—8510 Montgomery NE


• Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center—510 Elizabeth SE

• Cesar Chavez Community Center—7505 Kathryn SE

Double-check the location nearest you and scope a map on the city clerk’s website.

When is Election Day?

Tuesday, Nov. 19.

When and where Can I Vote on Election Day?

You can vote from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. All of the polling locations that were open during the October municipal election will be open on Tuesday, Nov. 19. The League of Women Voters offers a comprehensive list.

Is photo ID required?

Yes. Photo ID is required in city elections.

What counts as photo ID?

• A government-issued card with your name and photo

• Driver’s license

• Student ID

• Credit or debit card with your name and photo

• Insurance card with your name and photo

• Union membership card with your name and photo

• Professional association card with your name and photo

• City Clerk issued ID

• Other memberships with your name and photo

What happens if I forget my ID when I go to the polls?

You can vote on a provisional ballot, and you have 10 days to return with your photo ID. Your vote won’t be counted until you submit the ID.

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