Saturday Springboard: Comics + Guns + Hacktivists


By Marisa Demarco —

• Get over to the Stranger Factory today or tomorrow, the last days of the Graphic Comic Arts Exhibition. It’s curated by Jimmy Palmiotti, who’s written and inked the likes of Punisher and Painkiller Jane. The show features works by Bill Ward, the king of glamor girl in the 20th century; Manuel Sanjulián, a great of Vampirella art; Bill Sienkiewicz, who makes use of oil paint and other nontradional media in comics; and Gilbert Hernandez, creator of subversive, punky, alternative comics like Love and Rockets.

• The Carlsbad Gun & Blade Show is expected to be highly attended this weekend as people rush to buy assault weapons and guns that can hold more than 10 rounds. After a series of mass shootings in 2012, President Obama appointed Vice President Joe Biden to head up a task force on gun control. The administration’s recommendations: an assault weapons ban, a 10-round limit for magazines and background checks. Obama issued 23 executive actions relating to gun control. Under today’s federal laws, people who buy guns at trade shows from individuals aren’t subject to the same kinds of background checks required of gun shoppers in stores [“Gun Control Debate Packs Heat,” Dec. 21]. Looks like the next New Mexico gun show will be in Albuquerque on May 4 and 5.

• Hacktivists in Anonymous avenged the death of Aaron Swartz by hacking the United States Sentencing Commission’s site. On the government site, Anonymous announced it could expose embarrassing U.S. secrets and show the Department of Justice “the true meaning of infiltration.” Swartz took his own life this month after federal prosecutors threatened the 26-year-old with decades in jail and millions in fines for making MIT articles public information. Anonymous is demanding that Congress passes laws so copyright infringement doesn’t carry such harsh penalties. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-California) introduced such a measure after Swartz’ death. Get to know Swartz and his work by listening to his impassioned speech against the Stop Online Piracy Act.