The New Mexico Compass believes that free and independent media venues are vital to democracy. People drive our news agenda: Our motivation is public service, not corporate profit, and when the community speaks, we listen. We value and support a diversity of contributors for their responsible, relevant work. Furthermore, we’re committed to educating the public to create citizen journalists in communities around the state.
All content at The New Mexico Compass will adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.
Our nonprofit revenues will be isolated from intrusions on editorial process or output. The Compass is committed to complete financial transparency. Up-to-date reports of how our income is spent will be accessible to the public on our website.
We look forward to sharing your stories.
Image by Scott Greene

Image by Scott Greene

7 thoughts on “Mission

    • Yes; we’re excited to aim a public interest news lens on regional arts and cultural issues. Stay tuned, and/or please feel free to email us if you have thoughts on prospective stories.

  1. Congratulations and loads of luck! I looked at an Alibi yesterday and wondered what the heck had happened, and where had everybody gone. Had a sick and sinking feeling that pretty soon the Journal would be the only print voice in town. Guess Compass is the answer.

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