Low-Lit Highlights: Denver Noise Fest 2013


By Marisa Demarco

— I carefully packed up my gear, worried that the heat in my no-AC van would melt my homemade electronics. I grabbed some clean socks and drove north on Friday, May 10, for the Denver Noise Festival. This year was the fest’s fourth, and performers traveled in from around the U.S. and other countries, too.

People ask me all the time: What is noise music? It is what you think it is—atonal, electronic, so super mega loud. (There are exceptions and variants, of course; that’s pretty reductionist.) This fest is blessed with a heroic sound system, which means every performance pushes volumes unheard elsewhere.

Low end is my favorite end.

I try to wear earplugs since I’ve been listening to loud sounds for a decade +, but I mostly hate them. Many of the tones go missing when they’re trying to make their way through those little cushions in my ear holes. I know it makes health sense, but it doesn’t make other sense to obstruct the magnificent sonic waves propelled by monolithic speaker stacks with 2-cent foam buttons from Walgreens. I find myself unconsciously taking them out or just forgetting to put them in altogether. When I’m old, I’ll get an ear trumpet. Or—fingers-crossed—scientists will figure out how to re-grow tortured cilia in my cochlea. For cheap.

Click on any of the links below and pump this shit like they do in the future. Don’t be shy with yer volume knob.

Denver Noise Fest 2013 Performers

Ozone Leash * Whitey Alabastard * Sisto Rossi * Flower of Flesh and Blood * Body Garden * Arago’s Wheel * Juice Machine * Mariela Rossi * Blood Rhythms * Zoologist * Dental Work * Gasman * IT-290 * LSD * Mobdividual * Page 27 * XOME * Pop Culture Rape Victim * Thirteen Hurts * S.N. * Crank Sturgeon * Newton * Wapstan * Nookleptia * Dromez * The Nothing * Fatale * Pulsating Cyst * Leveret * Breakdancing Ronald Reagan * Novasak * Sex Milk Instrument * Captain Howdy * Sleep Dial * Echo Beds * Haunted Sound Laboratory * Arvo Zylo + Little Fyodor + Clayton Counts * Rest In Satin Silence * Of Earth And Sun * John Gross * Crab Lab * Down On Knees I’m Weak * Wind Does * Pythian Whispers

And here’s some footage I shot of Mariela Rossi from Portland:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH3lR_CEMNE&w=560&h=315]