D7 Councilor Cook Resigns


Picture 1By Marisa Demarco

— Councilor Michael Cook has resigned from office after being arrested last night around 11 p.m. for DWI near Indian School and San Pedro. According to the police complaint, Cook swerved off the asphalt into the gutter while driving, and when he was pulled over, smelled of alcohol. The arresting officer writes that he performed poorly during a field sobriety test, and his breath test indicated his blood alcohol level was at or above the legal limit of .08.

cookIn a statement to the media, Cook called the incident “regrettable” and cited his belief in personal responsibility and accountability as reason for his resignation.

Cook represented District 7, which includes the Heights from Montgomery to Lomas and from I-25 to Eubank. He was elected into office in 2009, and his term was slated to end this year. The mayor will likely appoint someone to take his seat.

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